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Nowadays, media are dominated by emotional and brief news. The material – which is very often unverified, abridged and edited – creates a distorted picture of politicians, regardless of their affiliation.
We attempt to create a space where objective content is presented, without any comments or interference. By combining available instruments, we have created a new one, which is devoted both to the politicians and the electorate, aiming at the improvement of communication and facilitating the flow of information, not only during elections, but also throughout the whole term of office.
We promise to develop our services in a way which would make it more suitable for the needs of politicians and voters in a rapidly changing reality. We really hope to support any activities for the common good.

Increasing social awareness

Being aware of the truth is the most effective weapon against manipulation and lies, which are becoming more and more common. The content devoid of aggressive and provocative comments is much more difficult to disseminate. We try to develop our website in a way which allows for accessing the desired content without resorting to tabloid-like techniques. It happens that a particular political topic prevails in some media, whereas in the other the same issue is passed over in silence. It is different in our case. Nonetheless, we need your support – we would be grateful for sharing our content, subscriptions and comments. The access to the video materials we publish is and will be free-of-charge.
VideoParliament tries to bring the work of politicians closer to the voters. We publish the content made available by Oireachtas; nonetheless, our team and our websites are in no way connected with Oireachtas. We are a private initiative. Currently we cannot guarantee that all the speeches delivered by politicians will be published; nevertheless, we aim at developing our database. The videos of TDs interested in our work will be published in the first place (please, contact us at [email protected] for more information).
The increasing number of our subscribers – both on Facebook and YouTube – and sharing our materials over the Internet is a proof that we have taken the right direction.

We are at your disposal!

Politicians, TDs’ offices and website administrators (local, national etc.) are welcome to contact us. We are open to any cooperation which would increase social awareness and thus the quality of politics. You are welcome to share our content. Join us!

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